Wednesday, March 02, 2005

more knit, less blog

I have been completing projects.I finished the yellow/ribbon sweater - I wore it to strands and stitches and got many compliments, and one obvious statement - "the sleeves are little short" so the rest of the day I wore it, I kept pulling on the sleeves. when I wash and block it, I'll be a-stretchin'.I re-did for the THRID time the surplice jacket - it's done!I eucalaned both this sweater and the estivo cardigan - the blue wool was super smelly!while I'm waiting for yarn for several different projects to arrive, I ripped out the orange tank top I did last year. it's getting a new look: tan on one side, orange on the other. fitted waist and more substantial shoulder pieces, identical scoop neck front and back - so it can be worn either way.I've been thinking about how I can "spice" it up - I dreamt about beads last night, and then there's always - creative stitchery to seam it - using the two yarns together or opposite colors.I also completed a kippah for my father, it was nicer than the previous one I did, I used thinner crochet yarn, but the daleds looked like reshes. So his Hebrew name can now be RVR or ROR depending on you look at it. I was in a hurry to send it out, so I didn't get a picture.I should be getting today or tomorrow my sock yarn(shades of grey) for my fingerless gloves, the rayon chenille(shale) to join with my multi-colored mohair for the colinette pattern, and I have no estimated arrival date for the crystal palace mikado(flame mix) I ordered for my rebecca tank top(third picture from left, middle).