Saturday, December 25, 2004


Eric sent me some pictures of his kippah and Garrett asked me to make him a hat

yesterday. He designed it - I knitted it today. I told him we should go into business together! I had a fantasy while knitting it that he would be famous and wear one of my handmade hats everytime he performed or had a public appearance. Someone from MTV would ask him about the hats he always wears. He would say, I design them, and my aunt knits them for me.And of course everyone on the face of the planet would want one because he is the coolest person ever.

Monday, December 20, 2004

mixed yarn pattern

I was so excited yesterday morning to find this pattern for my maize yarn that I am mixing with the multi-colored ribbon.After a frustrating morning of figuring out that their key translation was incorrect - an umschlag is a YO NOT a Sl 1 and ripping out about 6 rows, I knitted back to where I had ripped and it looks BEAUTIFUL!


is the progress I've made on the baby blanket.I finished the brown and eggshell blue sweater, but it's a little shorter than I would prefer. I'm going to knit up some extra rows for the front and back and then figure out a way to attach them.I've added new Completed Projects pictures and here

is a closeup of the drop stitch I used for the yarn that Melissa wouldn't let me pay her for. Thank you, Melissa!

Monday, December 13, 2004

new yarn

it's been quite a busy week...having to have dave do the math on my striped sleeves, ripping out, re-knittingand I started on the baby blanketit's pretty simple!one "complicated row" - which repeats a pattern - which then becomes easy to learnthe remaining three rows are repeating combinations of knitting and purlingthose four rows over and over againhere is my new yarn

serendipitously, the yarn I'm making the baby blanket with got into the picture - top right

Monday, December 06, 2004

a day of finishing

oh yarn sale... so much yarn, so little timeit was such a great idea to go with a few projects in mindmost of the bags I bought went for a specific needand then I bought a few extra kinds just because I liked themand then there was the camel hair/merino bag of 10 skeins that I got for $58.50this was especially a steal because I had grabbed two bags, I looked at the price - $170 and realized that I should take one back because I wouldn't need twothe bag I was left with had a different price on it! $53 worth of a differenceat that point there was no doubt I'd be buying ittomorrow is our knitting get together - so I'll be gathering a skein from each bag to take with me for show and tell. I'll take a picture of them tomorrowplus a picture of the estivo cardigan, cabled mohair that I spent most of the day finishingit's not bad! the mohair hides a lot, but overall - it's a cute, yet somewhat thick sweater - my other show and tell item.I'm several inches near to finishing the striped sweater - going to work on that now!

Friday, December 03, 2004

finishing + practice = no more louise

I was so thrilled to learn the basic finishing techniques today! The hardest thing we learned was adding on a button hole band. And the best part was learning how to do short rows!!!!!I definitely need to practice - and am so excited to have a few projects to work on.Tomorrow is the bag sale - it seemed like so far away for so long, and now it's tomorrow!!! I'll probably be dreaming of yarn all night.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

can't control the beast

apparently I couldn't wait for the bag sale on saturday to buy yarnI had to buy from a store I swore I would never again buy frombut it's a gift for someone's baby...and dave said I those things make it OK?I bought Flower Variegated to make a blanket, a hat, and booties
Leah came over yesterday and we knitted.I've started the sleeves on the brown and light blue sweater.