Sunday, October 09, 2005

slowly but better

I have had no time to knit
the only drawback about working againI am making huge strides on the front of the swooped eyelet pulloverbecause I'm not having to rip out every two rows that I knitthis makes me happydave's cashmere scarf is a slow work in progress as wellherringbone pattern, size 2 needlesI believe that I failed to mention that I bought the cotton angora in the color forest.I'm going to make this sweater from the DB CA book

and instead of working on my paper or knitting yesterday, I found this sweater that I really want to do

Friday, October 07, 2005

doesn't he listen

I told my husband not to let me buy anymore yarnbut there he sat complacentlyas I punched in my credit card number at herschnerr's faster than he could say cotton angora

speaking of angorafluffer just ploppedwhen he eats so much that it's nap timehe plops on his sideit's very cuteso back to the yarnit was $3.47/skeinit's flying off the H shelves

Saturday, October 01, 2005

ripped a skirt

I tried to knit a skirtand then found out how unflattering it is on me
so I ripped it outI've spent the last few hours (not working on school work like I was supposed to) researching patterns and installing my knitware software on my laptop to design something new

it will be like this sweater but a cardigan, not a pullover{crossing my fingers that I have enough yarn}I also ordered the software updateit's supposed to have yarn estimation improvementsthat would be niceok I'm really going to work on my midterm reflection paper now