Saturday, February 07, 2009

Chunky Cabled Tam #13

Cast on last night, knit it in about 5-6 hours today.

Knit.1, Fall/Winter 2008
Manos del Uruguay, Heather #50, @2.5 skeins
Addi Turbo US7 and KnitPicks Options US 11

I couldn't find three consistent dark skeins at Purl Soho, so I mixed in the lighter one as the last one.

Dave asked, "Is it warm?"

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

things on my mind

This Drops Lace Top:

Will my 5 skeins of Lara be enough?

This hooded pullover (and what the perfect* DK cotton substitute will be) is haunting me,

when I'm not anxiously awaiting my next visit to PurlSoho to exchange this Manos in Goldenrod,

for this Manos in Heather,

for this hat,

which is also haunting me.

Because how freakin' cute would it be on these curls?

Yet how wholly unnecessary when it's 84 degrees outside in February.

*perfect: affordable, right color [Linen], just enough drape [Fibre Content: 50% Viscose Rayon/ 25% Cotton/ 25% Linen]