Saturday, November 05, 2005

should be called knitting for dave blog

I finished his scarf and even blocked ithe said, I must be a very special person, you never block anythingand then said, so now you'll start on the fingerless gloves? making good progress with the cotton angora side to sidewhen he pulls THE sweater out of the closetthis sweater is practically exactly one year oldand it's been sitting in the closet patientlyafter the "finisher" had her way with itI couldn't stand it any longerthe beautiful pathetic sweater that was not being wornat 10:30m am I began ripping it apartat 1:30 I was almost finishedwhen I say ripping, I mean, just to the armholesthis sweater was seamed before I knew what I was doingand that's why it went to the "finisher"dave helped rip apart a sleeve todayand I'm almost done with re-working the frontit will be like a weight off my shouldersand then I will finally delete the message from the "finisher" from my answering machine - saving her phone number all this time - thinking I might actually call her up one day and tell her what a horrible job she did and the sweater doesn't fit