Wednesday, February 09, 2005

ottawa, baby

Brian is going to ottawa on sundayhe will be ONE POINT SEVEN MILES away fromYarn ForwardHe said, "Uh, how much space do I need to allow in my suitcase for this visit?"I said, "I have a suitcase you can borrow!"I've already started picking out what I want:These are nice in Cherry and Blue/White.and could this be any cheaper (in Tangerine)?I want to have my orange cotton tank top - but don't want to rip and re-do the crappy one I made last year.and there are some CUTE patterns in Rebecca - mottled blue jacket - would look nice with the blue/white or the cherry.Leah is coming over tomorrow - she said she'd help me pick out yarns from knitpicks.I continiued knitting the sleeves for the tre mouline - I've decided that I will sew it up and disregard the extra width on the one sleeve side - and I even contemplated using a sewing machine - so much faster - and then if I was very brave I could serge the edge and cut off the extra.*crossing fingers*

Monday, February 07, 2005

the blues

I ripped, recalculated, and reseamedand the surplice jacket still isn't workingI've been so depressed about this project that I don't even feel like working on anything elsebut I would love to buy more yarn!dave said that if I cleaned up the office and filed all the papers away (a job he detests) that I could buy $20 of yarnthat office was spic and span and organized the very next day!now I'm contemplating which yarns to get from the new knitpicks collectionmy difficulty in projects seem to be choosing patterns and different yarns to go togetherand not swatchingand not being good at mathand being impatientI need a knitting boot camp:8am - pick pattern8:30am - swatch different yarns9:30am - break10am - math lesson12pm - lunch1pm - calculate pattern with swatch gauge2pm - begin knitting pattern3pm - break3:30pm - continue knitting4:30pm - Q&A5:30pm - dinner

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

baby shower tomorrow

we're wrapping up the

tonightso I took pictures before it goes to the new babypixie and I went to encinitas to the north coast knitting guildwe saw vivian hoxbro do a presentation about her life/careershe was very sweetwe met the president of the laguna hills knitting guildand saw a woman who knits at LPK on wednesday nightsafterward we went to common threads and the black sheepat the black sheep they had the new rebecca magazine and blocking pins!life is good!