Wednesday, June 25, 2008

crick in my neck

My neck had been hurting for about four days before we went to the U.S. Open.
Mrs. Smartypants decided to wear a hooded sweatshirt and bring knitting - I knit watching golf at home, why not knit and watch live?
I stored the yarn in the handwarmer pouch of the sweatshirt.
I thought I was all that AND a bag of chips.
I'm calling these Torrey Pines socks - I started on two circulars - but now that my new KnitPicks US2 32" - I'll be finishing them on those!
It was a lot more interesting than I had expected - we got to see lots of famous golfers.
The biggest surprise was VJ Singh - he is much thinner in person!!
On the bus ride back to our car, I sat next to Dave and put my head in his lap for a nap.
When I awoke, I couldn't turn my head - you know the kind - the kind that has you reaching for the largest dose of pain killer available in your purse.

We went to dinner with some friends that night and I had to apologize for looking like I had a stick up my a$$. Everytime I needed to turn and look at somebody, I had to do a full-on body turn.
Two weeks later - it still hurts - everyone at work is amazed, "It STILL hurts?"
Yesterday I told the doctor that I work all day on a computer, and then I go home and knit all night - my lifestyle isn't really conducive to NOT having a stiff neck.
The doctor said that it just takes time to heal - gave me a prescription for muscle relaxants, and neck exercises, and a physical therapy prescription if I wanted it.
I don't really have time to be going to physical therapy - there are 48 days to Go Live - and only 50% of the documentation is completed.
And I told the doctor that I've never taken muscle relaxants - so I'm opting for the exercises, ice, and pain reliever.
I am hoping I have enough of my cone of yarn to finish this nonameyet cardigan:
It's hard to make out what the mess is - I'm knitting it from the bottom up - and I just attached the sleeves. Now I'm decreasing for raglan sleeves.

I created the pattern using my Knitware software - and it states that I need to decrease on every third row - so I had to do a bunch of research this weekend to make sure that I was going to do decreases on the purl side with the correct slant.
And I already have two additional projects lined up.
I'm going to do

Butterfly with this yarn:
Knit Picks Shine Worsted in Laurel
It's much more green than I expected!
And my friend finally picked out her yarn for a blanket that I want to make her for her new home.
She likes this pattern - so I'm going to convert it into a blanket using the yarn that the pattern calls for - Lion Brand Cotton Ease, Charcoal.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

deja vu all over again

sorry, I'm hijacking the usual knitting content for some smart stuff
Milan, 14 months ago
South Orange County, 13 months after registering, and today premium gas was $4.64!!

ok back to the usual knitting stuff
yarn goodness
Crystal Palace Yarn, Panda Cotton, which is a misnomer, because the highest fiber content is Bamboo.
This is to recreate a pair of socks that I bought at The Limited, when I was in high school. The socks are still in great shape, I just want another pair!!

Monday, June 02, 2008


the number of grams of the yellow yarn that remained when I finished

Windowpane sock #1

this is a good thing!
there are 50 g in the CC skein.

I was pretty worried that I wouldn't have enough for the second sock.
So, I weighed it before I started and before I cut the skein.

And this is the afghan I finished for my mother-in-law over Memorial Day weekend.

I really do know how to use the flash.
It's just really hard to try and show the detail of these afghans because of the crazy yarns that are used.
This mix of yarns were two colours of Homespun that she picked out herself.