Tuesday, September 27, 2005

95?! Geesh!

how am I supposed to wear my new acrylic sweater when it's going to be 95 degrees tomorrowdid someone forget to tell the weather that it will be october in 3 days?awww manthat's all kinds of suckyor sweaty

Monday, September 26, 2005

target sweater done

I worked all friday nightand most of saturdayknittingfinishingadding boucle to the edgesit's so darn cuteand too darn hot to wearthat acrylic, man, sure can make me sweatI want to show it off on wednesday at knitting, though, so I'll probably wear it anyway...seeseesee what target yarn can make?!!I finished the back of the orange swooping eyeletand started the frontand am slowly working on dave's cashmere scarfyesterday I was reading this blog:pamie.comand I felt possessed to knit my own cashmere hoodieI will resist the urgeof buying more yarn from richard...at least for now

Friday, September 23, 2005

finished? nope.

I finished the target sweateror so I thoughtwhen I tried it on and the sizing was HORRIBLE under the armsthe pattern was suppsed to be a fitted waistbut somehow in knitting this got translated to fitted waist with extra room for someone with DD cup sizethis is not an experience one wants to have to endure with a boucle yarnlast night involvedsighingrippingcuttingtearing (that would be forced pulling, not water in the eyes)pickinguntil only about three inches remained front and backwhich is where the nightmare of increasing beganand this morning involvedwinding the front and back back into ballsso that they could be re-knitthis time I'm doing a straight shot up to the armholewish me luckotherwise this $8 sweater will become trash can filler

Monday, September 12, 2005

getting sick of yarn?

I never thought I'd say it, but it feels like when I've eaten too much, past the time where I say to myself, "I should really stop eating now," and I've gorged myself to feeling physically uncomfortable.I feel overwhelmed by the number of projects that I want to be working on RIGHT THIS MINUTE.The front and back of the target yarn sweater each took 5 hours. I'm about halfway through the 3/4 sleeves.I created my very own pattern for dave's cashmere scarf.and I cannot for the life of me get through more than four rows of the the diagonal orange yarn over sweater. it's seeming rather hopeless. I spend more time undoing stitches than actually knitting stitches.

Monday, September 05, 2005

target yarn!

my husband had to tell me to calm down when I walked into the dollar section at target and saw target yarnthey had soft eyelashscratchy acrylicand interesting ladder/railroad novelty yarnand this:


normally abhore boucle, but a sweater for $8 - WHO CAN RESIST THAT?there's no gauge on their packagesso I knit up this swatch for my knitware software patternon the recommended US8 I gotapx 14 st x 20 R

Saturday, September 03, 2005

more yarn

I think it was last week, I said to my husband, I'm beginning to get sick of myself and all this yarn I'm accumulating. Please don't let me buy any more yarn.So I've been resisting the urge to buy this yarn for $2.97 a skein.No, you're right, I don't need anymore yarn. Nope. But I do need to buy yarn that cheap. That is the overwhelming urge I feel.Plus what am I going to mix the yarn that pirijio and illka brought back from finland(in bright pink) with?

and the cashmere yarn from the UK (which arrived here quicker than the book from NY, which still has not arrived) is GORGEOUSGORGEOUS I tell youon their flyer they had a quote from some one who said that the yarn was SOFTER after washing!!!HOW COULD THAT BE?AND Richard gave me a free skein! because he said the shipping that he charged was too highUh, Richard, do you want a friend for life?Right now I should be writing my paper for class.But I'd much rather peruse scarf patterns for my new cashmere yarn.