Saturday, June 27, 2009


Where you might find me this week, on vacation.

thanks to everyone who voted on the yarn color - it's a tie between moss and orchid!!

Monday, June 08, 2009

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This cardigan is in my Ravelry queue:

ETA: this pattern is from Knit.1 Spring/Summer 2009

and I really want to try Patons Silk Bamboo.

But I can't decide on a color!
What do you think?

I'm thinking about adding beads, as that's an option for the pattern.

I'm excited to try and add them using the crochet hook method. Hooking Beads As You Go.

I finished the Wide Rib Hoodie, which required completely different-sized needles than the pattern called for.
I used US 11, US 10.76, and US 10.
The yarn is Schachenmayr nomotta Extra Merino. I had 12 skeins and I barely had enough to finish - only got to knit 4 inches of the ribbing vs the 4.5 inches required.

I washed it yesterday and it got VERY stretched out :-(
It's drying now - hopefully it didn't completely lose its shape.

The yellow yarn project was ripped out.
It was way too wide.
I started my own personal pattern - the idea was to have a fitted waist, scoop neck, fluttery sleeves.
I knit most of a front (or back) and part of a back (or front) and sewed it together to see what it looked like on me - it was Meh.

It sort of deflated my knitting mojo.

I switched to crochet this weekend for (another) sooper seekrit project - I'm crocheting spirals!!!

I've got two done and will just keep on keeping on until the yarn is almost gone.

I have two projects planned for my vacation.

I'll be knitting a pair of very simple, but finely ribbed socks using the Crystal Palace Panda Cotton (below) and this pullover.

Just waiting for my KP bamboo needles to arrive...(US 0, 1, 2, 3, 4).