Sunday, August 27, 2006

school sweater

the yarn from the previous post was gobbled up into a scarf in six days
when I started the project, I decided that if it turned out well, that I would submit it to
I showed it to my friends and they loved it and one wanted the pattern. I wrote the pattern in 10 minutes
then, I deliberated over the submission of the pattern to for 12 days
in the meantime, school has started, and I told all of my knitting friends that I would not start a new project because it would be too tempting to knit and not do school stuff
then I proceeded to start this sweater in knit picks alpaca silk:

done in this color from the bequeathed collection.

I've got black, white, and cinnamon of the the same yarn to figure out what to do with as well
I think part of the reason I started a new project is because I intuitively knew that my contract wasn't going to be extended and that I would soon have more time to knit.
and sure enough the contract was not extended. my last day is the 15th of September.
I have been eyeballing this pattern for awhile:

using this knit picks alpaca.

so dave said that I should buy more yarn while I was still working. so on Thursday I did. It was shipped on Friday.
Along with that purchase I bought a skein of yarn to add to the socks I'm going to make for Dave. The yarn that his sister bought for me for by birthday - wasn't enough for my sox:

and it definitely won't be enough for his.
when I asked him which he would like first - his sox or the golfclub cover for his new driver, I'm sure no surprise to you, he said golfclub cover.

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