Wednesday, October 03, 2007

how to attract men in bars

Friday night at a hotel bar, I'm at sitting having a glass of wine by myself and knitting until my friends show up.

My friend arrives and sits next to me.
Soon, a drunk man sits down next to her.

As I'm talking to someone else, the man says to her, "Is she crocheting?"
My friend says, "No she's knitting."
The man slurs, "That'ssss ssssso cool that she's crocheting. Crocheting is hotttttt."

By this time I realize that they are talking about me, so I look at the guy at say, "Yeah, I'm a knitting exhibitionist," and I turn away to continue my other conversation.

The drunk man says, "I bet you're REALLY good at it."


maitai said...

a fabulous idea! maybe i can find myself an obnoxious drunk man if i knit in bars. :) but, do i really want that???

a friend to knit with said...

totally giggling!