Wednesday, June 25, 2008

crick in my neck

My neck had been hurting for about four days before we went to the U.S. Open.
Mrs. Smartypants decided to wear a hooded sweatshirt and bring knitting - I knit watching golf at home, why not knit and watch live?
I stored the yarn in the handwarmer pouch of the sweatshirt.
I thought I was all that AND a bag of chips.
I'm calling these Torrey Pines socks - I started on two circulars - but now that my new KnitPicks US2 32" - I'll be finishing them on those!
It was a lot more interesting than I had expected - we got to see lots of famous golfers.
The biggest surprise was VJ Singh - he is much thinner in person!!
On the bus ride back to our car, I sat next to Dave and put my head in his lap for a nap.
When I awoke, I couldn't turn my head - you know the kind - the kind that has you reaching for the largest dose of pain killer available in your purse.

We went to dinner with some friends that night and I had to apologize for looking like I had a stick up my a$$. Everytime I needed to turn and look at somebody, I had to do a full-on body turn.
Two weeks later - it still hurts - everyone at work is amazed, "It STILL hurts?"
Yesterday I told the doctor that I work all day on a computer, and then I go home and knit all night - my lifestyle isn't really conducive to NOT having a stiff neck.
The doctor said that it just takes time to heal - gave me a prescription for muscle relaxants, and neck exercises, and a physical therapy prescription if I wanted it.
I don't really have time to be going to physical therapy - there are 48 days to Go Live - and only 50% of the documentation is completed.
And I told the doctor that I've never taken muscle relaxants - so I'm opting for the exercises, ice, and pain reliever.
I am hoping I have enough of my cone of yarn to finish this nonameyet cardigan:
It's hard to make out what the mess is - I'm knitting it from the bottom up - and I just attached the sleeves. Now I'm decreasing for raglan sleeves.

I created the pattern using my Knitware software - and it states that I need to decrease on every third row - so I had to do a bunch of research this weekend to make sure that I was going to do decreases on the purl side with the correct slant.
And I already have two additional projects lined up.
I'm going to do

Butterfly with this yarn:
Knit Picks Shine Worsted in Laurel
It's much more green than I expected!
And my friend finally picked out her yarn for a blanket that I want to make her for her new home.
She likes this pattern - so I'm going to convert it into a blanket using the yarn that the pattern calls for - Lion Brand Cotton Ease, Charcoal.


Lisa said...

I knitted at the Buick Open at Torrey Pines, I was all that and a bag of chips! Secrectly I know that Tiger Woods when he passed me within arms reach wanted to stop and ask me what yarn I was knitting and project I was doing. At least that is the fantasy that I am going to believe!

maitai said...

ms smartypants failed to tell me that she was going to the US open!!!! jealous! i hope your neck feels better soon!

KeanaLee said...

I hope that your neck feels better! I have had those, it does take time, lots. As I read your post I had to chuckle to myself my husband is an IT Consultant & did a GOLIVE project a couple years bake, they even had t-shirts made up that said "I survived Go-Live" 2006---are you all getting t's? LOL