Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dear Gmail "Hackers,"

All the time and energy that you put into creating a spambot to send an email from my account to everyone that I ever sent, received, or thought about sending an email to could have been better spent creating something like this:

A gift for my RPG-loving friend, Andy:

d4, with stuck and stitched on felt numbers.

A housewarming gift for my friend, Adrienne:

Lion Brand Lace Wrap, converted into an Afghan.

A gift for ME!

Butterfly, take two...the first one, even though I did three different and separate gauge swatches, was WAY too big.

I actually find knitting very therapeutic, especially when I've spent the day explaining to multiple people that no, I am not trying to sell them electronics, and while I spend four hours of my evening uninstalling and installing anti-virus software, and scanning my home laptop for viruses.

Apparently I have no right to feel that I received any special attention from you, because other people in this great world wide web have had been the recipient of your talents as well.

In case you haven't read about yourself, here are the links:

One angry, and now extremely cautious gmail user.

You've been working on your UFO for a long time!

The board post I was searching for all day yesterday, but didn't find until today, when I read about another Ravelry user having her gmail hacked yesterday, too.

Where people can post comments on your FO.

Maybe some day you'll be turn your cracker skills into something productive for the world.


maitai said...

well, i'm glad it's not your home computer!

hooray gifts for you!

Lisa said...

So that is how I got that email! Hahahahaha