Tuesday, September 29, 2009


First off, thank you to everyone who sent their thoughts and prayers to us after Wendy passed.
Your kindness is very much appreciated.

It's still weird that she's not "here." The latest KnitPicks catalog came last week announcing a book sale and my first thought was, "Oh! I wonder if Wendy needs any books..." We're all getting used to the new normal.


I am having about my Sexy Vesty.

After running out of yarn - oh yes - running out of yarn - but not just any yarn, a discontinued yarn, I went on to Ravelry to see if anyone had it in their stashes for sale. No luck.

So I posted an ISO post and within 12 hours TWO PEOPLE had contacted me!

A very nice woman from Canada said that she had two bags of the stuff and put it in the post last Monday.

I have been not so patiently waiting for the two skeins to arrive and e-mailed her last night to see how long it takes yarn to travel from Canada to California. Apparently 7-10 days (I've been so spoiled by Elann and their priority shipping...).

I am super eager to see if the yarn matches - it wasn't the same dye lot - but closer in number than the other offer - I don't know if that means anything...

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Cathy said...

wow--that vest is adorable--love the color!