Monday, December 06, 2004

a day of finishing

oh yarn sale... so much yarn, so little timeit was such a great idea to go with a few projects in mindmost of the bags I bought went for a specific needand then I bought a few extra kinds just because I liked themand then there was the camel hair/merino bag of 10 skeins that I got for $58.50this was especially a steal because I had grabbed two bags, I looked at the price - $170 and realized that I should take one back because I wouldn't need twothe bag I was left with had a different price on it! $53 worth of a differenceat that point there was no doubt I'd be buying ittomorrow is our knitting get together - so I'll be gathering a skein from each bag to take with me for show and tell. I'll take a picture of them tomorrowplus a picture of the estivo cardigan, cabled mohair that I spent most of the day finishingit's not bad! the mohair hides a lot, but overall - it's a cute, yet somewhat thick sweater - my other show and tell item.I'm several inches near to finishing the striped sweater - going to work on that now!

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