Monday, December 20, 2004

mixed yarn pattern

I was so excited yesterday morning to find this pattern for my maize yarn that I am mixing with the multi-colored ribbon.After a frustrating morning of figuring out that their key translation was incorrect - an umschlag is a YO NOT a Sl 1 and ripping out about 6 rows, I knitted back to where I had ripped and it looks BEAUTIFUL!


is the progress I've made on the baby blanket.I finished the brown and eggshell blue sweater, but it's a little shorter than I would prefer. I'm going to knit up some extra rows for the front and back and then figure out a way to attach them.I've added new Completed Projects pictures and here

is a closeup of the drop stitch I used for the yarn that Melissa wouldn't let me pay her for. Thank you, Melissa!

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