Monday, February 07, 2005

the blues

I ripped, recalculated, and reseamedand the surplice jacket still isn't workingI've been so depressed about this project that I don't even feel like working on anything elsebut I would love to buy more yarn!dave said that if I cleaned up the office and filed all the papers away (a job he detests) that I could buy $20 of yarnthat office was spic and span and organized the very next day!now I'm contemplating which yarns to get from the new knitpicks collectionmy difficulty in projects seem to be choosing patterns and different yarns to go togetherand not swatchingand not being good at mathand being impatientI need a knitting boot camp:8am - pick pattern8:30am - swatch different yarns9:30am - break10am - math lesson12pm - lunch1pm - calculate pattern with swatch gauge2pm - begin knitting pattern3pm - break3:30pm - continue knitting4:30pm - Q&A5:30pm - dinner

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