Wednesday, February 09, 2005

ottawa, baby

Brian is going to ottawa on sundayhe will be ONE POINT SEVEN MILES away fromYarn ForwardHe said, "Uh, how much space do I need to allow in my suitcase for this visit?"I said, "I have a suitcase you can borrow!"I've already started picking out what I want:These are nice in Cherry and Blue/White.and could this be any cheaper (in Tangerine)?I want to have my orange cotton tank top - but don't want to rip and re-do the crappy one I made last year.and there are some CUTE patterns in Rebecca - mottled blue jacket - would look nice with the blue/white or the cherry.Leah is coming over tomorrow - she said she'd help me pick out yarns from knitpicks.I continiued knitting the sleeves for the tre mouline - I've decided that I will sew it up and disregard the extra width on the one sleeve side - and I even contemplated using a sewing machine - so much faster - and then if I was very brave I could serge the edge and cut off the extra.*crossing fingers*

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