Tuesday, June 21, 2005

really, I have been knitting

and now I have all the pictures to prove itI kept remembering more and more things to add to my completed listso I'd jump up and take another pictureI'm looking forward to seeing how the vogue ruffle-less trim top looksso far the lace detail combined with the stockinette is really prettylast night dave helped me create an excel spreadsheet

where I can COVERT MY GAUGE INFORMATIONthis is big big bigI have such a hard time with the mathand have always been bothering him to help meexample #1 the surplice jacketI ripped that thing out so many times trying to use a different yarn than the berocco pattern called for.perfect opportunity:this vogue top I'm working onthey say - "hey, one size fits all, because we used a stretchy yarn!"I say, "I don't want ruffles, and I do not want to buy any more yarn. I want to use up the black cotton (US6) that I used for my MIL's bday shawl (6.5 skeins left)."I do some fuzzy math with melissa at LPK last week and start knittingthen when it comes time to BO for armhole shaping - my brain turns to mushI kept scratching down calculations. multiplying this and that. I had NO IDEA what I was doing.he is so smart.he whipped it right up.and then I made it pretty.if you think you might be interested in using our teamwork, post a comment, I'll email it to you.

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