Monday, June 27, 2005

ripped too soon

Ruffle-less top: Yesterday with both sides sewn up, both sleeves done, and one sew in already, I attempted to put in the second sleeve. It was too short. The neck hole was MUCH smaller than what the picture showed. I resigned myself to a re-do and ripped out all the stockinette (8inches worth). Today, I went to borders to get the new Indigo Girls CD and browsed the knitting magazine before I left. Knitting Knitting (from England): inside was picture of one of their patterns that showed how cap sleeves are attached to the front and backs of an item almost like the ruffle-less top. What I discovered was wrong with project were only two things: the completion of the bind off for the front and how I set-in the sleeves. Other than that, I ripped way too much and too soon. Oh well, live and learn. The stockinette knitting went quickly anyway.

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