Saturday, September 03, 2005

more yarn

I think it was last week, I said to my husband, I'm beginning to get sick of myself and all this yarn I'm accumulating. Please don't let me buy any more yarn.So I've been resisting the urge to buy this yarn for $2.97 a skein.No, you're right, I don't need anymore yarn. Nope. But I do need to buy yarn that cheap. That is the overwhelming urge I feel.Plus what am I going to mix the yarn that pirijio and illka brought back from finland(in bright pink) with?

and the cashmere yarn from the UK (which arrived here quicker than the book from NY, which still has not arrived) is GORGEOUSGORGEOUS I tell youon their flyer they had a quote from some one who said that the yarn was SOFTER after washing!!!HOW COULD THAT BE?AND Richard gave me a free skein! because he said the shipping that he charged was too highUh, Richard, do you want a friend for life?Right now I should be writing my paper for class.But I'd much rather peruse scarf patterns for my new cashmere yarn.

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