Friday, September 23, 2005

finished? nope.

I finished the target sweateror so I thoughtwhen I tried it on and the sizing was HORRIBLE under the armsthe pattern was suppsed to be a fitted waistbut somehow in knitting this got translated to fitted waist with extra room for someone with DD cup sizethis is not an experience one wants to have to endure with a boucle yarnlast night involvedsighingrippingcuttingtearing (that would be forced pulling, not water in the eyes)pickinguntil only about three inches remained front and backwhich is where the nightmare of increasing beganand this morning involvedwinding the front and back back into ballsso that they could be re-knitthis time I'm doing a straight shot up to the armholewish me luckotherwise this $8 sweater will become trash can filler

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