Wednesday, September 20, 2006

this week's jonesing

I decided this weekend that I must knit more socks - that this would be an excellent way to reduce my leftover stash of yarn
so I researched on Knitter's Review Forum, Book Recommendations and have always seen knit and tonic's can't live without.
So I bought:


my order hasn't been shipped yet, but I am already crazy for two new circulars, so that I can use up the leftover cashmere yarn
that would be 16" US 1s
I found this interesting needle comparison, while I was trying to decide if I should by Knit Picks circulars or Inox circulars:
tonight is knit night at LPK, I will see if they have the Addis, if not, I'll place an online order for the Knit Picks needles

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