Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

or what my second birthday present was, because the camera that I got, that took this picture, was actually more for my husband.
my first blocking project on my blocking board!

the front left was almost done, and then I saw stockinette inside the garter, so I ripped to about four inches from the bottom
then I noticed stockinette inside the garter about an inch from the bottom, so I ripped even further
I got the garter right the rest of the way up, but ran into trouble on the decreases for the neck
I didn't like the SSK that I tried, so I ripped it out and tried SKP
I'm not thrilled with this either, but was too lazy to look up something better
I've been so unfocused since I've stopped working
I got lost in the pattern instructions and when I got about 4 inches from binding off, I thought that I had decreased too much, so I ripped it back to 22 sts left on the needle.
re-read the instructions - it was supposed to stop decreasing at 29 sts
so now two pieces blocking, three more to go!

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