Sunday, October 08, 2006

you'd never know

that I hadn't worked since Sep 15
I have been knitting - and networking!
the alpaca sweater is finished and looks DAMN good. I've worn it twice and no one asked me, "Did you make that sweater?"
it's all about sox now and the mystery project. I am holding my breath that: 1) I have enough yarn and 2) it turns out somewhat as I have envisioned
sock 1 (for Dave, Sheree helped me figure out where I had stopped and what I needed to do next today)

and sock 1 (for me, Hedera, leftover cashmere. I've tried it on several times and it's starting to take the shape of my calf).

mystery project was supposed to be this:

but I gave up on it last winter when it wasn't turning out anything like the picture. I ripped the back out - 2.5 skeins - the other day.
now the mystery project back is complete and I'm working the two front sides of the mystery piece at the same time.
I really don't like this yarn. it feels like plastic. the give of the elastic makes a gauge swatch useless.
if the mystery project works, it will be a miracle of G-d.

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