Saturday, November 11, 2006

need a photo shoot

for all the pieces that I've completed!
yesterday while babysitting movers for my friend who moved to France, I made major progress on the sleeves to the mohair Japanese cardigan pattern. it's now finished and I'm wearing as I type!
here's what I'm working on now:

you may remember this needle from the high anxiety, cheap, cute needles that were on sale at Tuesday morning
they are perfect for this pattern, as they are SUPER pointy and make the kf&b x 8 (two times) a piece of cake!
I'm using koigu and nature's palette yarns mixed together
Joyce and I went to Purl Soho in Costa Mesa on Wednesday - which is basically a small warehouse. I looked for another koigu to mix for the pattern, because the nature's palette is a bit bigger in diameter. I bought some koigu that I thought might match, but it didn't - it was too silvery blue. the nature's palette color is much more brown and works bettter color wise.

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