Saturday, November 18, 2006


This is an unfinished object that has not been touched for probably over a year.

It is the morning surf pattern in Knit Picks Shimmer Morning Mist
My husband said, "I haven't seen that in a while." I said, "It's been sitting in the same place for about a year." He said, "I mean, I haven't seen you work on it in about a year."
Well, yes, that would be accurate.
And as soon as I picked it up, I remembered why.
Not because it is worked on a size US2.

But because before I could even start knitting, I had to rip out two rows.
It may not be obvious, but there's a right and wrong side to this piece. I managed to knit another 8-10 inches on this yesterday. I would like to finish it - just to see what it looks like once blocked properly.
And the chevron scarf, I'm happy to report, is three and a half feet long!

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