Sunday, December 09, 2007

Wet, Garden State

I thought maybe it was just the standard answer for knitters who wanted to knit on planes, but apparently it's the standard answer for astonished travelers who sit next to knitters on planes.

A gentleman with a thick New Jersey accent said, "They let you bring those one the plane?!"
I said, "Yes, you're the third person to ask me that."
He said, "They don't let you bring a FRIGGIN bottle of water on the plane, but you can bring those."

And even though I was using two sticks, I overheard a man behind me telling his friend that I was "crocheting." He then nudged me and said, "They let you bring those on the plane?!"

I was making great progress on my projects until I realized that I failed to bring the additional circulars with me that I needed to continue....


Jerry said...

It doesn't get better. I get inquiries all the time when I fly. Do yourself a favor and invest in some noise canceling headphones. I bought the Maxell and love them. Best $60.00 investment when I fly. I carry my 30 gigs of tunes and keep the knit questions at bay. The screaming children don't seem to bother me as much either. What the guy didn't understand is that you can buy a bottle of water after the inspection and carry that on the plane it's that you can't bring one through inspection. Be careful if You knit on DPNs, they always ask "how can you keep track of all those needles?" Just smile and knit.

linda said...

Love your site and am knitting your cocoon shrug. However...... there's no instruction for "row 5" on either the rect. piece pattern or the long wrap piece pattern. I'm assuming it's not a cable row and should just knit it lind rows l,2 and 7. If I'm wrong, please let me know.