Thursday, March 06, 2008

Even better than a flag of the Earth

In our neighborhood, people are pretty patriotic.
And if you know anything about Orange County, CA, you know that being patriotic is usually synonymous with certain political leanings.

My husband used to say to me, "We should put up a flag, everyone else is putting up a flag."
I retorted with, "The only flag I would EVER put on my house is flag of the EARTH."

So when I read on Ravelry about KnotMagick's art thesis idea, I knew immediately that I wanted to be involved.

For her art thesis, "The idea is this: a flag for every nation of the world, sewn together to make a large quilt. At the center would be the words 'Let there be Peace on Earth.' I think it would be much more meaningful if it was a group project, rather than an individual one."

Finally a flag I can be PROUD of!

A quick search of this list, while looking at pictures of every country's flag, led me to decide on Qatar.


I wanted something that would be only two to three colours, but still offer a slight challenge.

I found a .jpg of the flag and used KnitPro to make a chart.

My flag isn't due until September 1st, but I've already printed the chart and am trying to figure out what yarn to use!

There are still countries that need volunteer flag creators...

Go on! Be part of a greater good!

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Christie said...

Sounds like fun!