Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kristine's Friend's Baby Sweater

Kristine is a co-worker, who has always taken an interest in my knitting projects.
When she mentioned that she had a baby shower coming up, I offered to knit something for her.

I really wanted her input for the project. I gave her Knit Picks and Herrschnerrs catalogs - so that she could pick out her own yarn and what she wanted the piece to look like. She showed me a picture that she liked - a cardigan with a collar.

She promised she'd pick out the yarn she wanted...time went by.
I told her that I needed to buy some yarn, so we could order response.

So two weeks ago, when it was already too late to order yarn online and have it shipped and for me to knit the piece in time for the baby shower this weekend, I took matters into my own hands and picked out yarn at JoAnn's.

I bought the yarn on a Saturday and knit practically the entire thing by Sunday.

On Tuesday I showed her that it was almost done and she totally freaked.
"Oh my G-d! I can't believe you knit it already! I was so worried that I hadn't talked to you about the yarn! And you went and picked out the yarn yourself! It's so cute! Oh my G-d!"

She proceeded to show it to all the IT guys in our cube row - they all smiled politely and nodded.

Friday we went to pick out buttons.
I some sailboat buttons and showed them to her, because they were a good color match.

She says, "The guy I'm friends with that's having the baby, we used to be on crew together. And I've sailed him and his wife several times."

And so, a baby sweater is born.

My own personal pattern created with Knitware.
Size 18 mos. (Because she said that both the parents are over 6' tall!)
Stockinette cardigan with K2, P1 ribbing
Knit in one piece from the bottom up.
Lion Brand Cotton Ease, Lake, 1.5 skeins. US 6 and US 8.

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