Wednesday, October 15, 2008

look at me, I changed my template!

I was driving home last night and looking at the Saddleback Mountains and I just fell in love with them all over again.

I think living by the ocean would be nice, but there is something very grounding about being so close to parts of the earth that are so big and solid.

Searching for images of the mountains last night, I found this one.

When the wind isn't whipping through the canyon practically pushing my car off the toll road, this is a very nice place to be.
I know I haven't posted any knitting updates in awhile - we've been working hard to get our house back in order post-remodel.
I have one more skein left for the lapghan for Adrienne and I'm getting ready to turn the heel on my second Aberdeen. The first sock is so freaking cute - I can't wait for the weather to hurry up and turn cold so I can wear my socks!
I'm anxious for the lapghan to be finished - next up....Lucetta!


maitai said...

oh, there you are! :) i'm definitely a mountains kind of girl. the ocean is great, but the beach is a place i want to visit, not a place i want to live.

spiralex said...

very nice pic - soothing..