Wednesday, November 26, 2008

let 'er rip

Many, many moons ago, I knit Dave a sweater.

There were so many things wrong with this sweater, most of which were a result of my newbieness to knitting - I read the yarn label and saw the needle icon with a '5.' So I used a US 5.

It wasn't until I was unable to put the pieces together myself, and the "professional" finisher asked me what size needles I'd used, that I realized I should have used US 8/Metric 5.

I've refused to let Dave wear the sweater in public, and it has languished in its tight-knit fabric state for four years.

Then I saw PugMama's sweater on Ravelry (non-ravelers can see brooklytweed's here).

So I immediately purchased my very first Elizabeth Zimmerman book.

And this long holiday weekend *sigh* (I can't wait!), I'll be ripping, reading, and rithmatiking.

I'm excited about the other patterns in this book, too! The Tomten Jacket. The Seamless Raglan Sweater. The Snail Hat. What is this Zimmerman Scarf all about? And a reversible hat?

All I need is four more hands.


maitai said...

EZ's books are awesome - and the patterns are really classic! good luck with the frogging...

Chelle said...

I just bought that book this weekend myself! I'm *over* knitting things for myself that I wind up giving away because they don't fit!