Monday, April 20, 2009

Butterfly 2.0

I originally started Butterfly at the end of July in 2008.
I got all the way to the end, put the elastic in, did the crochet edging, tried it on.
It was WAY too big.

I was so disheartened. I put in a plastic bag and stuck it in my closet with my more well-behaved yarn to let it think about what it did wrong.

About six months later, it told me that it might be willing to be unraveled and start again.
I took this under consideration.
I started looking at other people's Butterflies on Ravelry. What yarn did they use? Did they get gauge? What tips or tricks could I garner from their lovely Butterflies?

Then one day, I stumbled across someone's FO. They mentioned that the sizing was based on the circumference under the bust.

I then realized why my Butterfly never took off.
I had knit the incorrect size, based on my bust circumference.

So out came the Butterfly and the ball winder and the yarn was wound back into little cocoon balls.

On March 20th, I began again.
On March 31st, Butterfly 2.0 took flight.

I omitted the crochet edging on the arms and bottom.

Knit Picks Shine Worsted, Laurel
Addi Turbos US 9

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maitai said...

what? sizing shouldn't be based on the circumference of the rib cage. that's confusing! anyway, it looks great :) glad you took it out of timeout!