Friday, April 10, 2009

Remember Nutkin?

It turned into Coin Lace Scarf.

While I was finishing that, I also knit Retro Rib Socks in Araucania Ranco Multy.

And for my co-worker that I'm teaching how to knit: Mr. Mousey, stuffed with catnip. An un-felted version.

Kihei hides the mouse and brings it out from time to time and drops it at her feet.

Also, Pasadena, which took a wrong turn on the Raglan I-5 and wound up in Armsyce Hell.

I will be ripping this apart at some point and re-doing all of the pieces down to the arm holes. Why? Because I'm crazy like that. I used Plymouth Encore Worsted.

Can't go to work without socks! Patons Kroy sock yarn (Summer Moss Jacquard), basic toe-up sock pattern with 3 x1 ribbing. One sock down, one to go.

The Whisper Cardigan in Argosy Luxury Yarns, Haiku 2-ply, Wedgewood.

And my current project - which is going REALLY well.
Provence Marl Empire Waist Cardigan in Filati Torre Lino (a PERFECT yarn sub) from Florence, Italy.

That's one sleeve, I've knit across the back and started down the second sleeve today.

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maitai said...

you've been crazy busy! and i have nothing good to lame :)