Sunday, August 16, 2009

Knitting MoJo, where are thou?

I've spent the past few weeks knitting.
And ripping.
And ripping.

Evidence #1:
Look! Socks! Almost done! Right?
Second sock was not without its troubles - the heel was too big, I couldn't remember what I had done for the first sock - modified the pattern - but how?
I ripped the heel out twice.
Look - I'm almost to the top!

I was even going to turn the other way every time I looked at the toes.
Look! They're different! One I did on the plane without a pattern.

But then I looked at the heels again.

The seond sock on the left has a nice stockinette heel (which is still too big).
The first sock has a nice K1, Sl1 ribbing.

These will both be frogged today.
And I will never be knitting one sock at a time ever again.

Evidence #2.
German Cables sweater for Dave.
Look! The back! I finished it!! Great!!! Right?!

Please examine more closely! You will see what I affectionately call - Donuts.

Right at the armhole - the wrong part of the pattern or the right pattern off by eight stitches - has created donuts across the fabric - where donuts are not needed.

The only bit of joy in this exploration of missing mojo - the front of the sweater. I ripped out the armholes, oh, about three times. No, maybe four, if you count yesterday.

This looks much better.

I'm going to put the front on hold and rip out the back and knit it again before I forget what I did yesterday.

Wish me luck.

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