Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pets - 4, People - 2

I never posted a FO pic of my pullover - you know the one that got all sandy from being knit on the beach in Mexico ;-)

I really like how it turned out!!

I knit the hood doing the smallest size.

The Elann Camila yarn was a PERFECT substitute.

Besides how poorly I felt the pattern was written - I am really glad I knit it.

I finished Dave's German Cabled sweater; it's blocking.
If I like how it looks on him after it dries, I'll show you a pic. If you never see a pic, it's because I've hidden my head in shame.

The front and back looks really nice - but I'm concerned about the armholes....

And this may be part of the reason of my inability to focus on my knitting:

We've spent the past month getting her acclimated to the house and trying to introduce her to our resident cat. We adopted her from a local shelter - she's a Maine Coon. Her name is Chloe!

I cast on for Snezi on Friday and I'm about 50% through it.
Ravelry link for the one that inspired mine.

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