Sunday, April 04, 2010

Watch This Space!

My knitting blog will be transformed into my Paris Vacation blog in less than a week!
I'll be mobile blogging what I see, as I pretend that I'm Parisian for 10 days!

I'm taking Reversible Lace Ladders with me.

I'm using the gorgeous Zen 2-ply, masterfully dyed by Melissa.

This project started out with a bit of a hitch. I was putting together the KP Harmony needles (that I had just purchased) and cable together and one needle didn't have the proper threading. Thank goodness I checked in advance, I was able to call them and have them replace the needles, which arrived on Friday. Anyone else notice that the quality of the new Harmony needles is not as good as previous needles? The finish isn't as smooth...

And here is what I've been working on. Rill. Seven miles of stockinette finally finished, and now knitting up the short sleeves!

I'm using Elle Cotton Fields. I got a great deal on this yarn from Elann. I wasn't really into the yarn that the patterns calls for - it was shiny and slippery, I wanted something more natural looking.

Sorry that I haven't been keeping up with my blog. It's been pretty busy around here - planning for my husband's 40th birthday party (last month), and then getting ready for our trip. Plus, I've been on Ravelry blabbing about CG in the Naturally Curly Crafters Group - helping people to step-away-from-the-shampoo-and-silicone and embrace their curls.

I made these (Picot Edged Cashmere Gloves) to take on our trip, to match the silk scarf that I'm bringing.

I used Spud & Chloë yarn.

A few months ago, I was in Ikea and I saw a woman wandering around, wearing a sweater that I HAD TO HAVE. Actually it was her whole outfit - the sweater, jeans, and super cute tan riding boots.

I searched high and low for the best pattern I could find.
Here it is, semi-finished. I haven't put buttons on it yet, and haven't done the belt. Not sure that I want/need it...

The best thing about this cardigan - it was done in Plymouth Encore (which I re-purposed after ripping out my Pasadena) - so it's machine washable!
I love the shaping in the waist. And the uber long ribbed sleeves. It's REALLY warm!

I'm not a big fan of knitting cables, but for those of you who like cables, here's a close up.

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