Monday, November 08, 2004

be specific, would ya?

Dave figured out the measurements of his sweater on Sunday. The pattern only had percentages - so he put his astro-physics brain to the task and discovered that I had knit the top portion of the sleeves incorrectly.The sweater is knit in stockinette, and the instructions said, "Decrease one stitch each end of needle every knit row 44 times." So I only decreased on the "knit" side. I should have decreased EACH side.So I spent probably about 8 hours yesterday ripping out sleeves and redoing them. They're done - they're correct - and now all I need to do redo the shoulder seams - I tried a method that looked really crappy - sew the arms in and do the ribbing for the neck collar.What a relief.I've already finished the right front of my cabled cardigan - and started on the left side. So far, so good!

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