Monday, November 15, 2004

go bruins

dave helped me whip these

up on sunday
can I be done with his projects now?oh, by the way, louise is re-seaming practically dave's entire sweateras she so delicately put it, the job I did was really "bad."he finally got the sweater over his head and the arms were all bunched up - it looked like crap.she said that I needed to learn some better finishing techniques. I said, I'd love to, do you teach any classes?she said, oh no, I don't teach finishing techniques, that's my profession.......gotta love those yarn ladies.while we were at LPK on sunday, we discovered their ball winder!!!! what fun! I had a bunch of the yellow and blue yarn all tangled up - and we wound a few sections into balls - we came right home and bought one off the internet!

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