Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Cocoon Vest Tutorial

You can find the first draft of this vest

HERE. I will post a picture of mine soon.I'm actually going to redo it, and I think if this second prototype turns out nicely, I'll splurge and purchase some Debbie Bliss Superchunky.I'm considering making one for the store and making my pattern available, too.Please let me know any questions/suggestions you may have. As I mentioned previously, I've never created my own pattern before, and the one I've posted is a draft - by no means a final version.Because the pattern is simple (two pieces which form a 'T,' you should be able to start, see how your gauge fits your size and adjust to your size accordingly (until I finish figuring it out for myself).Also, regrettably, I believe Kool Wool is discontinued. I stumbled across it in the clearance section of my favorite JoAnn store ($3/skein)!Happy Knitting and I look forward to your comments!Thanks!

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