Sunday, September 02, 2007

what is the sound of one hand knitting the clap?

Oh the drama of business travel.
I got a lot done on

the clap

(by the way, as I was uploading this picture, we had an 4.7 earthquake...)

I've got 11 of the 13 repeats completed - I may make it longer - just use up this yarn...
I knit the whole way to Cincinnati.
For my travels home, there were delays due to weather.
I knit on my last minute flight to Salt Lake City - but when I landed, I thought I had a quick stop over, but it turned out to be two hours. I was so tired and irritable I just sat and stared at the walls.

this is definitely an easy pattern to remember
and this picture doesn't do the yarn justice

I'm already dreaming of what my next project should be...

and I made out like a bandit at the Gap Outlet.
lots of BR tops and sweaters - including a $10 cashmere crew neck sweater for Dave - the collar had separated from the sweater in the front and back - but I sewed it right up!
a cotton kimono (reverse stockinette and stockientte, w/ a belt) sweater for me with a small dropped stitch - picked it up and sewed it back into its proper place
a cashmere and silk short sleeve top - opened up under one armhole - sewed it back up
it goes on and on like this
I am SEW happy! ! !

most of it is at the dry cleaners now - I can't wait for this 100+ heat to go away so I can start wearing my sweaters!

in the meantime I guess I'll wear one of my four tank tops - the 25-cent pink tank top will be the most enjoyable!!!

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