Monday, August 27, 2007

husks or niblets?

I was intrigued by Knit and Tonic's post about her new sock yarn.

I'm always interested in what they're making yarn out of now.

Check out all the colors at Jimmy Bean's.

I'm interested because {and this is how you can tell I'm a process-focused person}, how did they make that yarn?

Did they use the stringy part of the husks? Did they grind up the sweet, yellow corn into a pulp?

I have sock yarn that I need to knit up and I now I'm jonesing for this stuff. Call me crazy, but I really like the Iguana color.

I wonder how it knits up - stretchy like cotton and elastic? or with good stitch definition like a wool? It looks pretty bumpy.'s a pictue:


a friend to knit with said...

Yes, I too would like to know just exactly how that happens!!!!!!

Bogie said...

It's kind of bumpy and loosely plied--kind of like panda cotton. The non-green socks in this set are knit with Maizy.