Sunday, March 04, 2007

all about the world

Since we're traveling internationally this year, I decided that it was only proper to sign up for the International Scarf Exchange. I read about it on Kristen TenDyke's blog.

Also, this is my first post from my brand new laptop.
The old one was VERY old and slow. The only thing that I miss is the little red nose button that sat in the middle of the keyboard. I am having a challenge with the slidey spot that I am supposed to maneuver.

I'm still working on glee, and have bound off the armholes. I'm transferring onto a long cable so that I can try it on and see if I need to make any decreases for a waist. Also, I didn't continue the 'V' as far down as the pattern states. I decided I wanted it shorter. Because it's knit in cotton, I probably won't wear anything under it, so didn't want everyone staring at my bra through the eyelet closures.

Moebius cowl has been ripped for the fifth time. Sitting in the bag waiting for dear Alice to call and walk me through the MCO.

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