Wednesday, March 21, 2007

no vista for knitware

Just a quick obituary for glee. Glee has been sent to the knitting drawer to think about what it did wrong (1. yarn substitution, 2. gauge schmage, 3. improvisational decreasing, 4. boring stockinette, etc.). It's too bad, the yarn is such a pretty color orange. It just can't seem to find its pattern home. This will be the second project from which it will have been ripped.

So I picked up my cashmere scarf and got some satisfaction from knitting on that for awhile.

I am still trying to figure out what scarf I want to make for my ISE4 pal.

And I also picked up my own design project again. When I got to the armholes, I realized I needed to print out information from the pattern that I had created as a guide on Knitware.

After scouring the entire house and garage for about 45 minutes looking for the software to install it on my new laptop, and then my husband coming home and finding it in 2 minutes, I discovered that Vista is not compatible with the Knitware software. I sure hope they fix that soon...

A pleasant surprise awaited me on the main computer, when I opened up the application - I had saved the pattern, so I was able to easily print what I needed without having to re-enter all the data.

Also in the que is this yarn (not a great photo...)

I went thorugh all of my magazines and books out the other night and decided to use it for this pattern

It's from IK Summer 06. I won't be doing any of the embroidery embellishment. There's a better picture of the back of the sweater inside the magazine where the the lace detail can be seen better.

I just noticed the girl in the picture is wearing low rise jeans, and the sweater falls nicely at the top of them - so the length will be great!

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Dorothy said...

I hope your new sweater pattern works out better for you.