Friday, August 03, 2007

can you say...?

Stitch Definition

This is one skein (195 yards) knitted up of Bonsai Bamboo, from Argosy Luxury Yarns in the Kona colorway.

I've started the Beaded Cami, but will do it without beads.

I will also make pattern changes and drop the garter stitch to below the bust for an empire waist, as TragicHeroine did. I just ADORE her cami, can't stop looking at it!! :-)

When I look at this yarn, I can't decide if I want to drink coffee or swim in the ocean.

Maybe drink coffee, wearing my Beaded Cami, on a Kona beach...
I will definitely pack this in my suitcase when I take a trip to Kona...someday.


KathyR said...

Hi. I found your comment of May 28 on my blog, which I obviously never post to or read, about the stitch markers I sent my ISE pal. Remember, the little heart ones. I got them from the Patternworks catalog. If you are still interested, that's where to look for them.

By the way, your knitting is very nice!

Christie said...

Love that tank! printed out and I may have to break the 'I'm not making another tank' rule.