Saturday, August 25, 2007

I'm a little giddy!

Between finding my beloved orange tape measure,
having a non-stop 4-hr flight on Monday where I'll be knitting more of this:

the clap

and finding out that my plane lands on Monday at 6:22 pm and the Gap Outlet (Distribution Center) doesn't close until 9pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can barely sit still!

I have been going to the Gap Outlet in KY for probably close to 15 years. It's a REAL outlet - a huge warehouse full of Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy items that you have to dig through to find the good stuff. Great finds have been tank tops in every color imaginable, beautiful BR merino wool sweaters for Dave, an ON angora sweater, and pants for work. It's returns, items where the hem fell, or things that have a little dirt on them. When I find a treasure, it's a wonderful thing.

Oh yeah - I'm traveling for work next week! My first business trip EVAH!

Doesn't the green yarn look much better in this project? I think the yarn is happy to have found a project with which it fits well.

I will only be gone two nights or I would try and visit some local yarn stores while I'm in Cincinnati. I was looking at the Raverly Cincy knitters group and it looks like the favorite stores are in KY - I'll be north of there - and don't really want to be driving around that much.

The baby dress is finished. NO! I'm NOT pregnant - it's a just a sample. Who doesn't want to put their baby in a 100% cashmere dress? C'mon!


Christie said...

The dress would actually be a very cute top...hmmmm....

GAP OUTLET!?!?!? That would equal trouble for me!

a friend to knit with said...

Oh my gosh! I want to wrap myself in that dress right now! Or yes, if I had a baby, her too!

Hope you found many treasures at the outlet!

spiralex said...

I love, love that dress - I love that you knit! Hope you are doing good and I miss you lots~!