Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cloud Bolero

I went to Buffalo Exchange for the first time last week. I found a great black dress ($16!) in modal fabric: deep v, sleeveless, empire waist, with a tie in the back.

I knew immediately that I would need to knit a small cover for my shoulders. I looked through my Japanese pattern books and found some great patterns, but I couldn't figure out the instructions to save my life.

If anyone out there is willing to help me translate my Japanese patterns, let me know :-)

So I looked on Ravelry to see what other people had made and I found this pattern:

It actually looks very very pretty on the completed projects page with satin bow tie.

I destashed yesterday for charity. It was very liberating. Apparently I brought in the most yarn (so far). I won't say how much because it's a little embarassing (but I do need to say that there were several very heavy cones and quite a bit of cotton and at least Two Pounds of Love), but suffice it to say that I bought a pair of Addi Turbos and walked out with additional $$.

Lately, I've been waxing philosphic (in my own head) about yarn and projects (as I document them on Ravelry) and I'm thinking that I have definitely learned a lot and grown as a knitter. As my knitting friend, Michelle, donated her yarn to charity and so eloquently said, "WTH was I doing with 6 lbs of acrylic??!!"

The crap is now cleared out. And I'm feeling like I'm not really interested in stashing. When I first discovered The Yarn Lady's bag sales- I would go crazy to buy yarn. Other been-around-the-block knitters would say, "I just buy what I need for whatever project I want to do." Until now, it never made sense to me.

Usually projects that didn't work out well - I tried to substitute yarn - and do it economically*. I am finally seeing that patterns look good because of the fiber used - it's not just the gauge that's important. (*Economy will continue to be important!)

I would rather have fewer pieces that look good than a multitude of UGHs.

Mr. IT helped me a little with my blog title last night. It's not perfect - but getting closer to what I want!

I realized as I have been adding projects to Ravelry that I never posted pictures of several items on my blog. So starting tomorrow I'll show a new/old FO each day!

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