Thursday, May 17, 2007

impatient and slow

I ripped out the Bonita shirt this morning.

When I got to the armholes yesterday, I took half of it off of the circular and measured.

It was three sizes too big.

I went to bed a defeated knitter, seemingly relegated to the endless knitting of the spiral top that still has 55 cm left on it.

I woke up this morning and checked the gauge of Bonita.

As much as I really want to use the green yarn, it's not the right gauge. I don't think that using a smaller needle will help - at least it's no guarantee.

I checked the yarn out that was used for the pattern.

I looked at the picture and it reminded me of another yarn that I have.

And then a

went off.

I mean I know that the gauge has to match... I never knit a gauge from the green yarn - it didn't come with one -and I just relied on the needle size to be the determinant.

I'm impatient - I just want to start knitting and have the completed project. NOW.

I'm slow - I just keep hitting my head against the wall of impatience until hurts - and I do have a high pain threshold.

This Elann yarn

- that I tried to use for Glee (originally originally used for an Interweave project that I ripped out) is the same gauge as the Bonita pattern.

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