Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I have a friend who came over to my house once with a bottle of wine.
She said, "I know that you're a Vegetarian, so I brought over a bottle of Organtic wine."
I said, "Oh, wow, I've never heard of that wine before."
She said, "Yeah, it's made from organtic grapes."

I don't remember what the wine tasted like, but I do know that Lion Brand's Organic Cotton Yarn is delicious.

I am making this Fitted Tank Top with the brown, Bark, color.

If you do ever use this pattern, be sure to read all the way to the end of the pattern where it says, "English explanation to pattern diagram," to get the chart translation - it's much easier than spending hours typing the Swedish, German, and Danish words into Google and trying to figure out how to translate them yourself. Just a suggestion.

Lion Brand also has a cute Cropped Raglan Sweater pattern for this yarn.

It would look equally as cute in another yarn or as a destashing project.

I'm thinking of using some leftover Bernat Cottontots in Sweet Cream, and maybe do the ribbed edgings in Strawberry.


Chelle said...

I signed up for Lion's email stuff just so I could download that cropped cardigan pattern!

I'm going to use the lilac cotton blend yarn I bought at last year's YL bag sale....

Stephanie said...

Hi! First time at your site, I got here from Ravelry. I am making a pair of shorts with the same yarn/color. Just wondering what you thought about it. I love the tank in it, makes it look very different from the shorts I'm making.