Friday, July 20, 2007

chart, crayons, counting

The chart has been enlarged and I colored in the symbols.
However, I am stuck because the stitch count is off between stitch patterns.
So, I've been counting the number of stitches I have and comparing them to the number of stitches it says that I should have.
Math. :-(

I did have a realization this morning:
The heavy line which outlines the small size is only there to show the shape - not to reflect the number of stitches.

I've also discovered that I can only work on this in the morning. By the afternoon and evening my mind has turned to mush and I stare at the chart without knitting a stitch.

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Helen said...

Hmm mushy brain not uncommon you know it happens to me all the time too. Patterns that need loads of concentration I too do in the morning on weekends only because of work or more often in the evenings when everyone else is asleep except my cat of course. He always stays with me till I go to bed.